Sunday, January 27, 2013

Another Year, Another Weekend with AMPereSS….

     It was not decided perfectly but there was a plan to meet at Lonere. Lonere is a place where Me (Pratik) and Saurabh are completing our graduation studies in Dr. B. A. Technological University. Surens mom and dad were arriving there for some work. Initially, Suren and Serene were not confirmed in agenda but finally they were there with their parents at Lonere. We met on 25th January, 2013.

     I made university guest house available for their accommodation and we went to Boys hostel to pick Sourabh. That evening, Sourabh was not feeling well and was unable to join us. That evening was not much entertaining because Suren and his family members were tired due to long journey. Ganesh joined us in night when me and Suren decided to live on my room. We watched English movie Death Race-2 and  debated with Ganesh because he praised BATU and told that he was proud to be there.

      Next day, on 26th January, 2013, we visited our university. I introduced my university to Suren and Serene. Serene was more interested in university and liked it. (Thank god. Someone from our group finally liked it!) Sourabh was with us whole day. In afternoon, we watched Hum Tum. (Real plan was to watch Table no. 21 movie but I little bit forced for Hum Tum).

     In these two days, we had long discussions on various topics. Most of them were gossips related to gf and bf of others. Our chat concluded over GATE examination’s preparation and M.Tech admission. 

It was another weekend which we enjoyed in absence of Amol, Aniket, Mahesh, Moneshwar and Sagar. Miss you all. Wish to meet soon. Keep in contact. Love you always.

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